It is true to say, that sometimes we don’t fully understand that we are appreciated by more people than we think. The charity exists to help the patients, carers and staff of the QMC. It would seem, by the receipt of a handmade card of thanks, that our efforts help elsewhere.

We have received a handmade thank you card from a frequent visitor at our Keyworth shop. The message and card we so amazing, we felt the need to share.

The lady wrote –

In 2012 when I arrived here, I had all my belongings in one suitcase. Since then I’ve completely styled my flat and myself with second hand goodies. Only a few things are new.

I look around and I remember great stories of where and when I found each treasure. Oh the fun of it all. I could go on about the great buys, the lovely staff, the funny things that have happened, how I change or altered things to fit me or my flat. But that would fill a book and bore you to tears. However, I look at my home and I smile thinking of the special memories and experiences I can recall.

Now that I have everything, I could possibly need to wear or have in my home, I have to avoid hoarding. This is so easy to do. My way of preventing this is to police myself. I force myself to give something back to the charity shop each time I make a purchase (like for like). It prevents me from buying, when I’m standing in the shop, holding something that I would like to buy, I have to decide what I’m giving back. What am I willing to give up? So, this new item has to be better than what I already have. It’s my hard choice prevention technique to hoarding and it really works for me.

Anyway I would like to thank your staff for doing so much to help people like me. Thanks to all those who give items too. I admire the staff for giving their time and skills to benefit the people your charity shop help also. I wrote a simple poem to express my feelings of delight about second hand things.


This is such a lovely letter of thanks to receive and really makes a difference to all the volunteers working so hard to make our shops a great place to visit.

The Poem

Second Hand Goodies

Yesterday’s special treasure

Not binned or or left to rot

Worth a charity-chance

To make another heart dance

Raise help money for a worthy cause

So a second journey begins

Volunteers fresh-press

Price then display

Sparks zing-ping

In a customer’s eyes

Hands Hug it tight

Eager to buy

The bargain’s bundled

Taken Home

Cleaned, preened, often changed

Bits added, rearranged

Ideas for a new creation burst

It’s now a fashion first

And pleasure is recycled

Desire fulfilled

The image, is a picture of the handmade card of thanks itself.

It makes it all seem worthwhile. Thank you!

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