Easing a distressing walk

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Easing a distressing walk


The Friends of QMC are proud to support a project aimed at easing a distressing walk.

The A floor corridor at the QMC which runs between the west block and the Medical school. It is used by many bereaved families that need to visit the mortuary viewing rooms.

Such a walk to say farewell to loved ones is an extremely distressing one. The corridor long and and bleak.

The Friends of QMC were approached to fund a project to try a help make the walk just that little bit easier.

A Floor Corridor
A Floor Corridor before the project

The project aim was to try and make the long, sterile corridor just a little warmer. A little more comforting. The idea was to add suitable murals and artwork to the walls.

A number of pieces of art were selected and prepared for the walls. The artwork had to be carefully chosen to be sensitive for the surroundings and purpose.

Thank you to the Friends for doing this – transformational! I went to see them yesterday and what a difference they have made to the corridor linking West Block with the Medical School. They will alter experience families will have when making that painful walk to the mortuary viewing rooms, and soon to the new bereavement centre.

We were careful not to create something that felt like a gallery, not to have images that would intrude, rather images that would add calmness and warmth to the starkness of the white walls. That has been achieved.

Friends of QMC were pleased to be able to work with the Patient Partnership Group and the Bereavement Centre team. We hope it goes some way to easing a distressing walk.

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