Organisations that support us

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We’d like to say thank you to some great Organisations that support us.

It perhaps goes with saying that as a charitable organisation, we cannot exist without help. There are our many wonderful members and volunteers, but there also some great businesses.

The organisations below do many things to help us, from hosting a collection pot, through to fundraising and donating prizes.

We are sol very grateful for the support.

We love you all, thank you.

Becoming a supporter

If you or your organisation wants to become a supporter, then all you have to do is get in touch.

Whether you want to do a single event or something more regular we would love to talk to you. You really can make a difference to the patients, carers and staff of the hospital.

As a charity, we have many of the resources that you might expect. We can support you with online resources such as – 

  • Just giving fundraiser page
  • Facebook Fundraisers
  • Credit card and paypal donations
  • Gift aid collection
  • Text to donate

As well as this, we can use our website and social media channels to help promote your events and your results!

The Organisations that support us have a direct impact upon our ability to help those in need. We would love to have a long lasting friendship. We will provide you with the name and contact details of a trustee or member to work with. Lets make a difference together.

Important note

We are an independent charity registered at the charity commission. It is important to note that raising funds for us will not provide any privilege or preference in any way at the hospital. You will however be doing something great to help the patients, carers and staff.

References and Resources

You can donate as an individual here

Photo by Borna Bevanda on Unsplash